Handmade Reversible Machine washable  Nest use-With supervision, nests can be used anywhere. They provide a comfortable and familiar place for your little one to relax or play. Lightweight and easy to pack into a bag or backpack, they make the perfect travelling companion. Nests are great for camping, travelling, working, or just hanging out at home. Nests are breathable. The outer layer is 100% cotton and the inside is hypoallergenic poly stuffing or batting. Nests are reversible. Untie the string and flip inside out and retie or lay flat. This allows some extra use between washings and gives you a clean place use if you have spills or accidents while on the go. Washing instructions - Nests are machine washable using cold water and gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry or tumble dry on low heat. The stuffing in the sides may need to be fluffed up and reshaped after washing and drying. Untie the string at the base of the nest and lay flat util the cord is pulled all the way inside  before putting in the washer or dryer. Safety-All nests are made by me and inspected for quality before I send them out, if you find any loose strings or seams, please contact me right away. When the nest is untied, ensure that the strings are pulled all the way in. Your little one’s head should always be placed at the top of the nest, away from the stings. Always place nest on a flat surface away from any edges it could fall from. Always keep nest free of toys or pillows. Keep away from heat sources or open flames. Always use the SIDS recommendations for  for safe sleeping practices. Nests are not intended for infant sleep and Health Canada has issued the following warning: http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2017/64318a-eng.phpPlease use nest safely and always make informed decisions on the safety practices and care of your little one. 

Infant nest



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